Tap DJ

Tap DJ 1.1

Mix, scratch and add effects to your iPod music


  • Great turntable interface
  • Lots of live mixing features
  • Record and share your mixes
  • Comes with pre-installed samples


  • Temperamental when loading iPod tracks
  • Poor support for beat matching

Very good

Tap DJ is a mobile DJ app for iOS that allows you to play around with your iPod music in order to create mixes. Your creations can be recorded and shared with others from within Tap DJ.

What can Tap DJ do?

Considering it's just a mobile app, Tap DJ packs in an impressive amount of features, even rivaling some desktop-based DJ-ing software. You can load in tracks from your iPod Library, or from the samples that come preloaded with Tap DJ.

These tracks are then accessible via a simple deck interface, which includes speed and volume sliders, turntables with built-in GyroScratch technology that deliver authentic scratching, and a waveform display to help with beat matching. A pop-up menu in Touch DJ throws up even more features, including EQ, loopable cue points, and two different effects (echo and reverb).

Other features of Tap DJ

Other features of Tap DJ include the ability to share mixes online (and listen to others' mixes), record your voice and use as a sample, and change the skin of the deck interface.

While the app is impressive, there is definitely room for improvement in the development of Tap DJ. Loading of tracks from the iPod Library is often problematic. For instance, we noticed it sometimes loaded the wrong track, and there is no facility for searching for a particular track.

The beat matching support in Tap DJ could be improved in order to help beginners. The way the app is at the moment requires you to have a pretty developed 'ear' for a mix, but it would be nice if there was some level of automation for newcomers to the DJ game.

These faults aside, Tap DJ is still one of the best mobile DJ-ing apps you'll find at the moment.

Tap DJ


Tap DJ 1.1

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